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Upcoming Livestock Sales

We Have Livestock Sales Every Friday
      -- 12:00 start for pigs, goats, and sheep
      --   1:00 start for cattle

Also on First Saturday of Every Month
      -- 11:00 start for pigs, goats, and sheep
      --   1:00 start for cattle

Upcoming Saturday Sales on: April 4th -- This will include our yearly Registered Bull Sale

    Any questions, please call 360-748-3191.


Livestock Auctions

In 2003 our facilities sold over 25,000 head of cattle valued at over eleven million dollars!

livestock auction every friday at noon
cattle sale every friday at noon

Our commission rates are only…

  • 4.0% on Beef and Slaughter Cattle
  • 5.0% on Dairy Cattle
  • 10.0% on Small Animals
    with a $5.00 minimum

We can also arrange hauling.

We strive for top dollar
for your cattle.

We have a licensed Veterinarian on site all sale day.


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